1st Position The body faces the front, the abdomen is relaxed with the left hand resting on the abdomen while the right arm is stretched to the right and maintaining a level position throughout the exercise. Most of the weight is on the right foot with the heel of the left foot slightly raised.

Position #2
The abdomen is contracted as the body and head are slowly turned towards the left, with the left hand feeling the contracting of the abdomen, while the weight on the right foot is increased and the right palm is turned upwards.

From the original position, the abdomen expands as the head and torso turn to the right, with the left hand feeling the expansion and the right foot feeling the weight to the greatest degree, with the right palm turning and facing the surface.

From the previous position (# 4 facing the right), the abdomen is relaxed as felt by the left hand. The body and head return to the original (front) position, with the right palm turning from facing the surface to finally facing the front. It must also be stated that the heel of the left foot remains lightly raised throughout the exercise with the pivoting executed on the toes and ball of the foot. This and other exercises of Master Jou were created with the expressed purpose of putting the principles of the Taiji Classics into practice.

Alan Sims November 15, 2023

Sifu magazine

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